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August 24, 2008


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Hawaii has been Sovereign since 1839 by the United States, France Spain and Great Britain to name a few. Hawaiians are asking for a treaty of merger or of conquest. We cannot find one. The one that is sited, we find is a resolution made for continental U.S. and not for a foreign country like Hawaii. No need fight we are under the illegal U.S. occupation. We have been asking for a U.S. legation to go to the Hague World Court and settle this question us but no takers. If you got some pull tellem we go. If they going win no scared. The fight is in the World Court. We loose oh we have taken a lickens. Got Pull We Go

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I'm sorry, I don't speak crazy. But good luck to you on that.



( This comment has you beat on the funny... it just adds to the good! Thanks comment person! )

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