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January 07, 2009


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So If I were Jen and Ben.... already having a little Violet... for the second little girl I would go with Hazel. But I might only like the sound of that since I've got the elle and ette mix already. I agree that Angie Harmon gives a pretty good NJ... that's name job ma'am mamm :) Oh and yes... first pics are out of Bronx Wentz- the-bed! Ohhh sheesh... that was mean and evil of me... he's just a sweet baby who can't help who his parents are.


Hazel is goooood (why didn't I let YOU name my kids again??)... but Julia already had one-- wouldn't she have celeb-dibs then? I was thinking they could also go with Poppy. Or Pansy. Or Petunia. ALthough Plum is still my favorite. Either Plum or Hazel would be good. Looks like that Rebecca Romijn got in some floral choices on her twins, too. However, she made the fatal flaw of naming one a girly name (Dolly Rebecca Rose) and the other an ambisexual name (Charlie Tamara Tulip). Now on paper looks like she had a boy/girl set of twins. Shame, shame!! Should've gone with Charlotte and called her "Charlie". But, girl, you know I hate naming a kid a nickname to begin with! A better partner for Dolly? All I can think is Patsy!

As for you. You've got an elle and an ette. Next one will have to be an enne. As in Vivienne. Like I wanted to name my daughter. Who just happened to be born with too much equipment to be called Vivienne. Or you could go with Adrienne. Or, howabout Nicollienne? Sort of like Napoleon! Nah, fuck it! Go with Nicodene! (You know if its a boy your PR man will insist on a Jr! heehee!)


I am soooo far out of the loop... I didn't know Julia had a Hazel or that Romijn had TWINS! What the hell... I had heard somehow in the grapeweeds of a little Dolly born to her (thoughts of the cloned sheep and then giant mamms) but I had No idea that there were TWO! How did that whole nine months go by without me knowing? I need to get out more. Geesh-Everyone is having two now.... what it's not cool to just have one kid and wear your favorite jeans in 3 days anymore?

As for our third try at kid... we will see.... that will be sometime in March or I guess April.. or whenever we start making some cash flow again. Right now I'm just dreaming of seeing all the girls in NYC! That will be great fun!


wow! You are out of the loop! Julia had twins (yeah, like everyon ein Hollywood and their autistic brothers) named 'em Hazel and Phinneas. Then she had another boy, named him Henry. That was like two years ago. As for Rebecca-- wasn't that closely followed by the rags-- guess they don't care about her too much. Whatevs. And nowadays, youa re only cool if you have TWINS then get into your normal jeans again in three days. Single birth ain't nothin' bi-atch!

Also counting the days (after the cruise) til NYC with some GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS! (Oooh, sounds like we're going to a tit-tay bar there! Sorry!) Boston Gal talking about going to a raw food restaurant she's heard of-- you wanna try??

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