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After dating both Coreys in adolescence, I did a brief stint in juvie where I learned macrame and arson. After release I got a Masters in Coupons and Martini-Talk Politics from Harvard's Community College. After a tumultuous love affair with a Swiss ski instructor, I toured India for enlightenment. I followed this with three years of storm-chasing and one year of undercover neo-con work. I then had my three sons, two out of wedlock. They are Ace, age 7, Deuce, age 4, and Trey, 18 months. Two of these sentences are true. It is your job to figure them out. Well, now 4 are true. Wait. Now five. Oh, Christ.


travel, yoga, sarcasm, movies, blogging, books, politics, crafts, fitness, laurie notaro, perez gossip. favorite movies: xanadu, the pirate movie and solarbabies. other loves: mcsweeney's, julius caesar and non-surgical medical procedures.