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December 05, 2008


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I don't have children of my own, but if I did, I would hope I would be like you and your Mr.

Far too many people rob children of that early time of innocence, you are so right about it's importance.


I want to teach my children that faith is not a pretty word to decorate the cover of our Christmas cards or our walls, but it is the foundation to which we live our lives. Our faith is not child's play, it is not soft and fuzzy, it is real and sacrificial, and most people avoid it. I do not want to encourage a belief that our true faith is tucked covertly within a childhood fairytale, because it isn't. It is a far stretch to compare Santa and Jesus Christ, and even more to expect our kids to analytically compare and contrast the two. No I tell my kids, Jesus is real, Santa is not. To understand the enormity of Christ and Christianity is beyound understanding for children (and really most of us), but I do not think perpetuating Santa’s existence will help my children know Jesus.

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