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December 03, 2008


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Well, I hate to say it, but I am (which one of your titles should I choose)...I am a...Grinch. That's right, we outed Santa at our house. Ironically, for the same reason that you choose to continue the ruse. I absolutely do want my kids to believe, to believe in what they cannot see, but I want them to believe in someone real, in someone true and beautiful -- Jesus. Not in a fantasy. That said, Santa is fun. Santa makes Christmas fun, so we "play Santa" at our house, we use our "imagination". That's right we still talk about Santa and his reindeer, we still sing and watch Rudolph, we even leave out cookies and the kids get gifts from him too. Also, not that this will make you feel better, but we have a strict policy to NEVER mention this to any other children, ever. However, I will try to understand if we are ousted this year.

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