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August 18, 2011


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I don't have kids, but good heavens, I would think the moment they have teeth it's time to stop!


I'm on my 4th nursing babe... none of my girls wanted to nurse much past a year. I would have had to physically hold them down to sit still that long. And after that point I think I was ready to separate myself a little more from them, plus I couldn't wait to get back into pretty bras.

So the other night my 1.5 year old had a major puke fest, since I'm nursing our newborn, I was able to pump and bottle feed some super food to her. She was able to keep it down, get something in her belly and finally sleep.

For that I was truly thankful!

I have seen that video before though... how??... I'm not even sure... but still nursing at 7? Yikes! Maybe I'm too selfish as a mother. I mean I've heard of drinking breast milk for cancer cures... but even with that... Do you really have to "nurse" the person for them to get the healing qualities of the milk? Not when they can drink from a cup.

Oh, I've got a good one for you to explore... Placenta Smoothies after birthing. :) You can thank me later.


Hahahaa! I can just see you, laying atop of the big ones trying to hold their squirming body down! "Here! You take this! I don't care that you have homework right now! HOld still, darnit!! Now lemme just move this squirrel so you can get to it..." ;)

Also, I'm going to have to work up the courage on that suggestion of yours... this one alone made me lose my appetite. I may have to wait until massive weight-loss is needed to google Placenta Smoothies.

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