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September 21, 2011


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Anne Wofford

Grind up dingle berries? What the hell is wrong with that woman? If her caterpillars knew what she was feeding them, they'd lose their fuc... oh wait you said wheat berries. Er, uh let me know how that goes! I'll be waiting for part two of this vlog.


Words, words, words... pretty ear candy... huh, cooking for my husband? Nope, don't think so... yummm, sparkles on those earrings.... can't stop staring at the earrings! How I miss you so much!!! oxox


Hahahaha! Awesome letter, and so much better read outloud by you! Thanks for vlogging and giving me a good laugh. :)


AHAHAHAHAHAAA! Love the child-minding interlude there. Kinda put the cap on the whole thing for me. I'm surprised she isn't from Boulder though.

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